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Initial Impressions: The ‘real’ arrival of next gen?

Light might be the second part of his screen name but I wouldn’t be fooled, Fate loves hiding in the shadows. He also loves everything tech/geek/nerd so Watchdogs was a no brainer for him.

He’s not as young as he used to be though, his early 20s have caught up with him and instead of going to the midnight release, he ended up just relaxing with a nice cold beer (or four) and watching the football. Geez, it’s almost like he’s a real boy! He did manage to scrape something together though, and trust me… you’re going to want to pay attention.


General Gameplay Review: Watchdogs

I love Light like a brother, but he tends to get immersed in his own little world. In many ways he’s like Aiden, except he can’t hack from his mobile phone. He genuinely spent the first 15 hours of his gameplay time collecting things and completing side missions. I think he made it to level 27 without touching the story, and had somehow accrued nearly a million dollars in game.

But I pulled him away, (first for work and now) for this review. His opinion is fairly positive as far as things go, but he refused to give it a score out of 100 until he had all the Trophies… I think I’m going to start writing these reviews, he’s getting a little too anti-social for his own good.

 Fixer Mission and Multiplayer Review: Fixing the Fixers

I’ll admit, I may have been too hasty in suggesting that I’m going to write some of these reviews. First, I do a little bit to much actual ‘work’ and there is no way I could write the 1400 words or so that Fate managed on his General Gameplay review. I swear, it would have just been a Meme with thumbs up or down.

So I let Fate get back to his thing, and he really did a number on the multiplayer here. Not all of it is negative, in fact, some of it is damn right complimentary… At least in the world I call Fatelandia. Oh hell, you know the drill by now… Just click the link.


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