The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Wild Hunt: Initial Impressions

Fate likes nothing more than his open world RPGs – except Polar Bears. With this strange, and partly irrelevant, fact in mind he dove into the world of The Witcher on Ps4, exploring a series which has been lovingly made for PC since 2007 by Polish dev’s CD Projekt Red. Of course there were going to be a few teething issues as the game made the journey from keyboard to console, but he promised he’d go easy on them and instead look at the game for what it really is: A true RPG.


Wild Hunt: Exploring Velen

After discovering how little of the game he’d experienced, this post has been renamed to completely about Velen, not the whole game as was previously stated.

Judging by the text message I awoke to this morning, there was plenty of drama in Fate’s life yesterday – not all was Witcher-related – but he did manage to squeeze of a brief (almost 1,500 words of brief) look at exploring in Velen. He got off topic a little, there’s a lot about potions and inventory management, but I’m not going to sub this one to death, a lot of this could be useful for those who feel really intimidated by the scale of the world.

Wild Hunt: Exploring Novigrad

City, hub, main quest area. Call them what you like but they’re all the same. At least, they all have things in common. This is no different in The Witcher. Small villages Fate had previously explored were nothing compared to the size of Novigrad, not even Oxenfurt. Although glorious from the outside, the architecture and density inside gives the city away for what it really is – A place ripe with corruption and illegal activity. Then again, we hear there’s a war on…

Wild Hunt: Exploring Skellige

The home of the brave and the land of the slightly mad, Skellige is a vast world of flying monsters and water, and perhaps the first time in the game that having an upgraded crossbow is paramount. Fate’s adventures began slowly as he slowly sussed out the area, but it soon became clear that this was a section of the game that would be better approached using an old fashioned method – Brute Force.

Wild Hunt: Final Review

Is there really anything left to say? Fate dumped in excess of 200 hours into the game and these are his final thoughts. There may be some mild spoilers in this section, at least with regards to his playthrough, but nothing serious enough to ruin the game for anyone. From what I’ve read so far the game sounds magical, but I feel there’s a ‘but’ somewhere on the horizon.


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