The Order 1886


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The Order 1886: Initial impressions

It’s been a while coming, and it’s certainly had a lot to contend with, but how has this re-imagining of the tale of King Arthur and his Knights gone down? Despite all the heavy criticisum it has received on the run up to release day, Fate was going to go into his review with a level head. After Evolve he set the bar fairly low, and if The Order dishes up a story that’s worth paying attention to, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one came out of the fire unscathed.


The Order 1886: Full Review

So, it took less time that even I thought it would. I didn’t believe the text I got at work from Fate announcing he had finished the game. But, it appears that it’s true, The Order didn’t order enough script… or something funnier… Anyway, here’s a shorter-than-usual review because almost everything was covered in the initial impressions. Hopefully that’s a sentence I’ll not have to say again.


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