The Last of Us

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Initial Impressions: Triumphant in 60fps

Fate was living on the Continent (Europe) when the original Last of Us came out for the previous generation of consoles. Fortunatley, he managed to circumvent his pathetic comprehension of the French-language, and thanks to the wonders of Amazon delivery, got hold of a copy of the game.

Despite the game winning more than 200 gaming awards, it didn’t get the privilege of being reviewed on here because Fate was lazy (edit *working*) and just played through the game. This time around he swore to do it right, and will be giving Joel, Ellie and Tess the once over as if the game had never been released in 30fps. Believe me when I tell you that it looks spectacular.


Remastered: The Gallery

I couldn’t get a hold of my associate this early in the morning so I’m doing my own introduction here. This isn’t anything fancy, or special or even exciting. But as the biggest change in the game was to the graphics and atmosphere, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite screenshots so you can see the difference. Some of them have been captured in photo mode, and some have come directly from cutscenes, but these are just a few of more than 300 I took before I had finished the game. Enjoy.


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