Infamous: Second Son

 Infamous Neon
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Is Infamy > Fame?: Initial Impressions

Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 made splashes last week when they landed, meaning that most of the gaming world was preoccupied when this title hit the shelves.

However, there will be a few of you on the lookout for a decent game for your PS4, and this Playstation exclusive is as good a choice as any. It’s got pretty colours, fast-paced combat and a typically arrogant protagonist. Nothing new to the RPG world then.

It did keep Fate sat in front of his playstation for about eight hours straight though, so the game must be doing something right.


GUIDE ALERT: Powers in Infamous: Second Son

Fate and myself had a small disagreement about which power is the best, of all those currently available in Second Son. I logically and calmly posed the point that a singular power cannot be the best, or the game would be pointless. Fate pointed out that I was an idiot. In accordance with his terms, I said concrete.

Fate didn’t like that choice, and omitted the final power from this guide – at least temporarily – because you don’t have it available for any missions but the last one. He makes a valid point, but I wish his reason for liking Neon was for a better reason than the graphic being Pink…

It’s so good to be bad: Second Impression Review

Can I just apologise for Fate’s rash behavior. He wants to get his views about a new game up on the net as quick as he can to try and get a few hits in the google search spam that follows the release of a new game. In doing so here, he may have jumped the gun a little and only played the game as a Hero. After hours (minutes) of persuasion Fate notched up the difficulty and took evil for a spin.


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