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Far Cry 4: Initial impressions of Kyrat

Fate only really likes two things in life. The first is videogames. The second is women who know that a fight between Link and Mario would end in a stalemate, but a fight between Princess Peach and Princess Zelda would end with Zelda the winner. I like to think I know him well enough to say that Polar Bears are a way off in third. Unfortunatley, Ubisoft’s latest virtual-journey doesn’t feature these ferocious giants from the Arctic. I does however fall into the first category and there’s a whole speel coming your way on how our Polar Bear-loving friend got on in Kyrat.


Far Cry 4: Beginner’s Guide to skills and gear

Fate is a Far Cry veteran, that’s not a secret. His secret is that he’s actually a nice person, and he does these guides to help those who aren’t quite so socially deprived that they have time to play lots and lots of videogames. This particular one looks at the merits of both the Tiger and Elephant play-styles. Personally, I prefer to think about who would win in a fight between a Tiger and an Elephant. I’d back Dumbo all day. Last I heard there aren’t any Tigers that can fly…


Far Cry 4: Full Review

Work makes Fate mad. It stops him gaming, drinking and puts the breaks on his goals to becoming a Gatsby clone. What it didn’t stop him doing was moaning. Unfortunately, 90% of the long rants I endured were about the flaws in Far Cry 4. There was a lot of nodding and saying “hmm” while he spoke, but the truth is that he’s probably right. Then again, he could have just set impossibly high standards for a game that was never intended to hit them. Anyway, here’s the full story.


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