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Evolve: 4v1 versus Fatelighter – The Review

Yes, it’s a clumsy title. But then again, it has been a while since I’ve had free reign to say what I like here. I feel there has been a great deal of unnecessary pressure to come up with witty things to type into these intros. I’m only human after all, evolution hasn’t done me any favours! Speaking of, there looked to be a moment after his Dragon Age review that Fate had become an optimist. Rest assured, this review fixed any notion I had towards that.


Evolve: Medic Class Guide

It may come as a shock to those who’ve read anything written by Fate before that he didn’t go straight for the class with the biggest armour and weapons. Instead he chose the versatility of playing a medic and thought he’d share his wisdom (which common sense could have told you anyway) on his blog. Seriously, this isn’t some of his best work – it’s barely passable as a post.



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