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Preview Part 1: 3 Days and Change

Lighter discusses his character choices before the release of Skyrim, will it be a Caster, or a Thief? Who knows?

Well, that’s not true… as he says, we all knew he was going to be a warrior cause the guy’s got ‘Tank fever’ but if you want to hear how he came to that riveting decision, you’re in the right place.

Preview Part 2: 2 Days and a Hangover

Fate had a lot on his mind, university exams, assignments, the impending dissertation proposal… All this was ignored as the one track mind focused on the simple question… ‘How will it differ from Oblivion?’ Looking back he was wrong on a lot of counts… But his prediction for game of the year was right, so perhaps we have Skyrim nostalgia, or do we just want to look back and say ‘Look at how wrong you were’ Either way, check the post out.

Preview Part 3: 27 hours and Alcohol

Light was pretty drunk by this point, and couldn’t really form coherent sentences, this actually helped his writing, as there was less rambling and much less to decipher. Instead he linked the E3 videos and had a nostalgia moment. Looking back, those videos are like a tutorial to the first hour or so of the game, but Light didn’t know any of this; A tribute to last years version of yourself, watch the e3 vids, and listen to an old man ramble.

Immediate Review: First 10 hours

Light had some interesting ideas, and although everyone who watched the e3 knew what was going on in Riverwood, he still spent about 15mins writing about it. This paid off for his particular brand of OCD, spending plenty of time cutting wood, farming enough money to buy a house straight away… Something I’m sure most of us wish we’d done… useful to new players still, and if you’re looking to roll a new character and take a different path, you could learn a few things from our sites founder.

Immediate Review: 15 Hours (Whiterun)

This is the point where Light decided he’d had enough farming, and finally progressed the story, describing the first Dragon fight and noting a couple of things that become important later on in the game. If he knew how stupid he looks here, making such a big deal about one Dragon… It’s kinda cute really, and if you too are an advocate of stupid life decisions… Read Fate’s, its sure to give you a giggle.

Immediate Review: 17 Hours and Companions

Light made a point of talking about Precious gems, Dragon parts and storing things in his house, that was narcissistic drone… what was interesting was when he talked about the Companions Guild in Whiterun, and how they provide you with some good gear early on. The Skyforge is mentioned and a little about the Companion mechanic, which is different from the Guild.

Immediate Review: 20 Hours

Fate claims he saved his Greybeard quest for this, because it would be a ‘Special moment’ this is Bull. He just lucked out that he got bored around 20 hours into his game, and decided to finally climb the 7,000 steps up to Hrothgar. Despite this, the article contains useful information about those mysterious Greybeards, and for anyone who cares… something about  self-healing Trolls…

Review: Dragons, Shouts and Magic

Now, I found this to be useful to everyone who intends to play Skyrim as a Melee class, but as far as ‘Magic’ goes… Fate got his words mixed up. However, it does continue the story of his trip to High Hrothgar and explain how a Bear can kill a Dragon… I guess that could count as Magic… We’ll see, but for now, it’s just Dragons and Shouts… unless you buy into all that ‘Magic’ crap.

Bleeding the Stone Dry (Efficient Playing)

Finally… It took 8 useless posts on Skyrim before Light returned to form, and published something worth reading. Giving tips on things that can actually help you out. Its pretty basic, mostly about things you need, and things you think you need but don’t. If you keep finding your carry weight at the limit, or your head munched off by Dragons, its well worth taking a look at, but if you’ve got a character past level 70, most of the information is irrelevant to you.

Guilds, Guile and Money

A personal update from Fate, mentioning his hiatus from Skyrim and what he’ll be doing later on over the Holiday season.


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