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Dragonball XV: Initial Impressions

Fate’s recent injury is not the first game-related affliction that he’s contracted,  it’s just the first that stopped him gaming. Dragonball Xenoverse‘s button-mashing gameplay did a real number on his hand. Combine that with a stupidly long gym session and Fate’s poor fingers never stood a chance. On the bright side, he’s back to half strength now and able to play again. Even with Dying Light on his coffee table this was his first stop – do I even need to link to the review? Surely you can tell it’s going to be a series of compliments with lots of cool pictures of Goku?

Dragonball XV: Initial Second Impressions

So, this was up much quicker than I anticipated. It was also a little more ‘narcissistic.’ But I can’t help but sympathise with some of the things that Fate has said. I too feel that some parts of the combat rely too much on your character being ridiculously powerful – something that isn’t easily achieved. Let’s face it, what Dragonball game would be complete without Hercule to get in the way?

Dragonball XV: Final Review

Lucky number three, or did Fate just run out of things to say? He’s done the main quest and the story, but what is the final verdict. Sure, the game looks great, and who wasn’t sat around waiting for another instalment of Dragonbally goodness? But does it stand out as a multiplayer marvel, or is it just another combat game that lacks cutting edge?


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