Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age 1

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Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Tag Review

To formally welcome Monk to this blog I had something special in mind, something I’d been working on for an age… see what I did there? I already have just under 20 hours of Dragon Age gameplay under my belt. Monk bought the disk less than a week ago. How will our first 20 hours differ?

All Monk knows about Fate’s character is that he is a Warrior running ‘Sword and Board.’ Fate’s playing experience for Dragon Age goes back to both the original and Origins, whereas Fate knows nothing of Monk’s character, gameplay or previous experience of Bioware games other than Mass Effect. It’s Red vs Blue in the most complex of ways. Happy hunting Inquisitors.


Dragon Age: Inquisition: Dragon Guide

Fate had a full day off work this week, and this is what he spent his time on: Dragon Age. He went to every area he’d previously been to and killed every Dragon he could. Five of the High Dragons now lie dead and he’s got the tips to help anyone having a few problems killing them. (No Spoilers)


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