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Clamp on

Gods vs Parenting

God of War

It shouldn’t work. There’s no way you should be able to drop a Spartan warrior into the world of Norse mythology and it feel this good and organic, but it does. God of War should just get Game of the Year now, because I can’t see anything beating it. What could have been the world’s longest escort mission became arguably the best gaming experience 2018 will see.

A rant about the perils of DLC

The DLC Debate

Downloadable content is everywhere, patches are no longer something you use to fix your clothes and your friend that talks about bugs is more likely to be talking tech than entomology. But is it hurting gaming? Fate does his best to be objective… and fails.


2018’s hit JRPG?

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Evil rats, overthrown cats and a Welsh dragon all star in Ni No Kuni II, 2018’s first big JRPG. Designed by the team behind one of my all time favourite Playstation 2 games, I’ve got high hopes for this and all that will come from it.

2018 opens with a bang

Monster Hunter: World

The massive Monster Hunting franchise makes it’s PS4 and Xbox One debut, and is set to pull in brand new fans in what is a slow start to 2018 on the gaming front. It’s the one thing that got Fate to turn his PS4 back on. That boy needed something to stop him playing Persona 5. Trust me, if they didn’t block screenshots this blog would just be… let’s not even. Here’s some monsters: